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Glenn Beck and His Priceless Artifact

March 6, 2017  |   Josh Jurrens

Mason should have seen it coming. After months of coordinating or, at the very least, participating in #TrickNick pranks, Mason should have foreseen a counterattack. Nick had had it. Enough was enough! It was time for the prankee to become… THE PRANKSTER. Now, Nick is a planner. This wasn’t going to be some run-of-the mill, spur-of-the-moment prank. Oh no. You can bet your bottom dollar this was going to be an elaborate, painstakingly-planned venture: the prank to end all pranks. Nick was going for it. What better way to up the ante than by inviting a client to join in on the fun? This prank would involve Glenn Beck and his priceless artifact.

A Trip to Dallas

As luck would have it, the TDR partners and a few members of the crew were visiting Glenn Beck and his team in Dallas the following week. Nick considered his options and decided the optimal time to employ the prank would be during a high-stakes strategy meeting in Glenn’s office because #priorities.

Now, for those of you who know Glenn Beck know that he is an avid collector of historic and cultural artifacts (think the iconic bench from Forrest Gump and torches from the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin). The night before the prank, Nick visited a nearby Target in search of something that could convincingly pass for one of Glenn Beck’s priceless artifact. And praise be to the benevolent prank gods — Nick stumbled across the perfect prank prop: a $15 porcelain lotus flower.  

The next morning, lotus flower in tow, Nick traveled with the TDR crew to the Mercury Radio Arts headquarters and, upon arrival, headed toward Glenn’s office. Prior to the start of the meeting, Nick, unbeknownst to Mason, pulled Glenn aside, whispering something in his ear.

Glenn chuckled. The meeting began.

Sh*t Hits the Fan

After an hour of talking digital marketing shop, discussion came to a close. As the TDR crew said their goodbyes, Glenn asked them to wait.

Glenn: “You know, before you go, I’d like to show you something pretty neat.” (walks over to desk, picks up lotus flower) “This was given to me by my good friend, the Dalai Lama. It’s one of the most meaningful gifts I’ve ever received.”

Nick: “No way, how cool! My wife Ashley recently visited the Dalai Lama – do you mind if I get a picture with it?”

Glenn: “Of course!” (hands Nick the lotus flower)

Nick took the lotus flower from Glenn and stood next to him, smiling for a photo. The lotus flower was cradled safely in Nick’s hands until… it wasn’t. With a CRASH, it fell to the ground, shattering into a million pieces.

The Aftermath: Shock & Horror

The look on Mason’s face was one of sheer horror. Dumbfounded, he pressed his hands together, slowly raising them to cover his face as if silently imploring a higher being to reverse the catastrophe unfolding in front of him. His eyes darted from Nick to Glenn to the TDR crew and back again. Had this actually happened? The shock on the faces of those in the room mirrored his own. Mason’s heart was racing, his mind already calculating the hit to TDR’s bottom line – there was no way Glenn would stay on as a client after this.

After a few minutes – a few dark, dark minutes – Glenn finally looked at Mason and spoke, his voice quiet.

“I don’t know what you’re thinking right now, but that… that was just a piece of sh*t!”

The room erupted in laughter and Mason lept to his feet, relieved and coming to the realization that he had just been the subject of a wickedly genius prank. There were hoots and hollers and high fives between Glenn and the TDR crew.

Since then, Mason has been a bit more careful when it comes to his involvement in #TrickNicks. That fateful day in Dallas revealed who the real prank master was.

Want in on the prank? Watch the replay here.

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Josh Jurrens

 | Vice President of Paid Digital

As VP of Paid Digital, Josh Jurrens manages to impress the Crew with his extensive knowledge of all things paid digital on a daily basis. Josh is responsible for managing paid search, display, and retargeting efforts for all TDR accounts, not to mention he’s a wiz in all things SEO. Josh joined the TDR Crew in July 2017 after spending some time living in Boston. A born and raised Wisconsinite and UW-Madison grad, Josh is happy to be back in the beer and cheese promised land.