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This changes everything… new TDR website!

March 22, 2018  |   Nick Ring

We’re the first to admit it. Despite our best intentions, we suffer from Cobbler’s Children Syndrome. Unfamiliar with the phenomenon? Well, like the proverbial cobbler’s children who go without shoes, we tend to neglect our own digital marketing needs. At the start of 2018 (new year, new us, amirite?), we decided to prioritize a project we had put on the back burner. We set our sights on a new TDR website.

Why the Change?

Good question. As a company, we felt we had matured and evolved. Between year one and year two, we had grown from a petite team of three to a lean, mean group of ten. By year three, we had become the rambunctious, hearty crew of 20+ that TDR fans worldwide know and love today. Beyond that, we had acquired talent that allowed us to carve our own niche in the Madison agency landscape. Naturally, we needed a site that mirrored the TDR we had become: a more sophisticated, more complex version of the 2015-born brainchild of partners Matt, Mason, and Nick.  

No “I” in Team

To design, build, and launch a new site is no small feat. To do so in a consolidated time frame while juggling countless other client priorities takes a whole ‘notha level of focus and mental fortitude. We couldn’t have created such a quality site without the help of the entire TDR crew. Every single person in the office played a role in the site’s production: it’s design, development, and content. The end result (the newest “TDR baby”) is truly a collective labor of love.

Ch-Check It Out

Enough sappiness (wipes proud mama bear tears from eyes) – we’d like to introduce you to some of our favorite spots on the new TDR site. Enjoy!

Our Story: A personal favorite – learn how we got our start and follow along with our major milestones since then.

Our Expertise: This one is a doozy – check out the services (the many, many services) we’re proud to offer our clients.

Our Work: Where the magic happens – take a look at the clients we’ve partnered with over the years.

Careers: All the feels with this video – visit this page if you’re interested in joining the TDR crew!

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Nick Ring

 | Partner

A self-proclaimed "geek," Nick Ring has been in the technology game ever since high school when he built Britney Spears's first website. Since then, he has become an expert in everything technology and runs The Digital Ring's development and programming teams.