This is not a place for reposted articles about the newest Facebook algorithm or coolest WordPress widget. Our blog reflects our culture: unique, interesting, and totally our own. Here, you'll get a sense of who we are as we share a little bit about our history, our successes, and our best practical jokes to date.

Office Tent

June 20, 2017  |   Matt Kemp

For some, dedication to one’s job might mean putting in a 50+ hour week, arriving to work at 6am to prep for a meeting, or taking a course or two in one’s spare time. For others, a strong commitment to delivering top quality results means pitching an office tent and spending the night.

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2016 ADDY Awards

April 20, 2017  |   Matt Kemp

Wow - we can’t think of a better way to celebrate turning the big 2 than by achieving industry recognition for the quality of our work. Shortly after celebrating our second birthday as a digital marketing agency, we learned that we had won not one, not two, but seventeen local ADDY awards. It's safe to say that the 2016 ADDY Awards were a roaring success for the TDR crew.

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TDR Cribs

March 19, 2017  |   Mason Kemp

What do Snoop Dogg, Lil Wayne, Bow Wow and The Digital Ring have in common (besides the fact that we’re all dropping #fire mix tapes next summer)? Believe it or not, TDR’s celebrity reached new heights last year when we joined the ranks of countless pop culture heroes before us. This is the story of TDR Cribs.

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