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TDR Celebrates Boss’s Day

October 16, 2018  |   Josh Jurrens

Happy National Boss’s Day to Matt, Mason, and Nick! You three aren’t just great bosses to the TDR crew — you’re also amazing mentors and friends.

To show appreciation for our favorite TDR partners on their special day, the crew got together to create a little video in their honor. Sit back, relax, and cue the waterworks.

image of Josh Jurrens

Josh Jurrens

 | Vice President of Paid Digital

As VP of Paid Digital, Josh Jurrens manages to impress the Crew with his extensive knowledge of all things paid digital on a daily basis. Josh is responsible for managing paid search, display, and retargeting efforts for all TDR accounts, not to mention he’s a wiz in all things SEO. Josh joined the TDR Crew in July 2017 after spending some time living in Boston. A born and raised Wisconsinite and UW-Madison grad, Josh is happy to be back in the beer and cheese promised land.