Account Coordinator

Madison, WI | Position Currently Inactive | POSTED: February 20, 2018
The Lowdown

As an Account Coordinator at The Digital Ring, you'll be working some mad magic behind the scenes as you support an Account Executive (or two), helping them to execute marketing initiatives that will help our clients achieve their business goals. We don't expect you to know everything when you walk in the door — but we DO expect you to have a positive attitude, a willingness to learn, and a creative and fresh perspective that will help us innovate for our clients.

Why This Job Doesn't Suck

We've always been confused by "entry-level" jobs that require 5+ years of experience. At TDR, we understand that you need a job in order to gain experience — and we're willing to offer that job to the right individual. As an Account Coordinator, you'll get hands-on experience in a variety of different marketing tasks. You'll learn something (maybe even multiple things) every day as you support your Account Executive, and you'll have all the room in the world to grow.

You’re right for this job if...

You have a Bachelor's degree in a related field, and are passionate about learning everything there is to know about digital marketing. It also helps if you:

“Tell me more about this job,” you say.

If you're ready to do all it takes to become the next digital marketing guru, an Account Coordinator position at The Digital Ring is a good place to start. Each day will bring a new challenge (or five). One minute you'll be drafting social media copy, and the next — helping to strategize a new ad campaign. In the meantime, you'll be working with the best in the biz (casual, right?): TDR's internal team of developers, designers, digital ad specialists, and content creators.

Where will this take me?

In the Account Coordinator position, the world is your oyster. Because this is an entry-level position, you'll get to try your hand at a variety of marketing projects. The next step for an Account Coordinator is promotion to Account Executive... but we're always open to requests to join other internal teams.

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