Account Executive, Digital Advertising

Madison, WI | Position Currently Inactive | POSTED: July 10, 2018
The Lowdown

This Account Executive will be part of our digital advertising team: a group that is in high demand here at TDR. We’re looking for someone with top-notch communication and interpersonal skills, as this person will work with both clients and various internal teams to ensure the successful delivery of numerous digital advertising projects, on time and within budget. This person must also have a broad understanding of various aspects of digital advertising — Google AdWords, search/display ads, social ads, campaign setup and optimization, reporting, budgeting, best practice application, and idea generation — as they will help translate client needs into a plan of action. Our clients are the best of the best and we need someone who will deliver on the high quality work that they expect of us and that we expect of ourselves.

Why This Job Doesn’t Suck

You’ll get to work with one of the fastest growing agencies in Madison and one that has been recognized time and time again by the community and our industry peers for our quality of work. We don’t owe our success to luck — we work hard and employ only the brightest talent. This role will directly impact not only our current clients, but also the pace of our growth. As Account Executive of Digital Advertising, you’ll be instrumental to our future (no pressure).

You’re right for this job if...

You describe yourself as highly motivated, detail-oriented, and deadline-driven. It also helps if you:

“Tell me more about this job,” you say.

In this role, you’ll be our go-to scheduler, budgeter, and overall organizer for search ad build-outs, lead generation landing pages, custom display ads, cross-channel campaigns, and more. Be prepared to take initiative and learn something new every day as we respond to our clients’ varying needs.

Where will this take me?

To say that TDR is a fast-growing agency would be a vast understatement. We're growing bigger and better every day, and this position will help us scale our digital advertising department even more quickly. Prove you have what it takes in this role and you may find yourself leading a team of Account Executives yourself. Work hard and the sky’s the limit.

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