Digital Advertising Intern

Madison, WI | POSTED: December 17, 2018
The Lowdown

Our digital advertising team is in high demand here at TDR and, as a result, it has room to grow. If you’re looking to get your start in the industry and want to gain digital marketing skills with truly hands-on experience, then you’ll want to go after one of these coveted spots on our team. We’re looking for ambitious self-starters who love numbers, data set analysis, and asking the tough questions. This ain’t coffee runs and photocopies. You’ll be working on real work for real clients.

Why This Job Doesn’t Suck

The skills you’ll learn as an intern at TDR aren’t limited to one specific area of expertise. On any given day, you’ll learn just as much about search engine optimization as you will about LinkedIn ads. And, you’ll be part of a team of digital advertising experts who are excited to show you the ropes.

You’re Right For This Job If…

You’re curious by nature and have a desire to become the next digital advertising guru. It also helps if you:

“Tell Me More About This Job,” You Say.

Here at TDR, we have a lot to get done and a very short amount of time to do it. As a Digital Advertising Intern, you’ll support the Paid Digital Advertising (PDA) team to ensure that projects are completed on time and held to the utmost quality standards. While your primary focus will be supporting this team with reporting and analysis, you’ll also get a taste for campaign setup and optimizations, budgeting, competitive research, keyword builds, ad copy creation, audience development, and much more.

Where will this take me?

Digital advertising work at TDR continues to be in high demand, and in order to provide our clients with the best work, we’re looking for the best people. Because we’ll bring you in at an entry level, you’ll gain experience in a variety of PDA-related roles and tasks, and have the opportunity to find what you love. If you decide to stay on the PDA track, this internship may just be your springboard into a full-time position on our growing team.

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