Jr Graphic Designer

Madison, WI | Position Currently Inactive | POSTED: March 15, 2018
The Lowdown

We looking for someone to assist in designing website pages, logos, and print ads - in general, to help conjure up graphic brilliance, all while learning the ins and outs of agency life. Don’t apply unless you’re ambitious, creative, and serious about taking your graphic design career to the next level. The creative team at TDR has some pretty serious design cred (and the awards to back it up) and we only want the best and the brightest to join our crew!

Why This Job Doesn’t Suck

This position has it all - room for creativity, strategy, and growth. We know it’s difficult to land a design position before you have significant “real-life” experience, but we’d love to give you a shot and help you grow your creative skills and portfolio. Our culture is fun, our talent is top-notch, and our pace is pretty quick. We’re looking for someone ready to hit the ground running and be a true asset to our team.

You’re right for this job if...

You’re typically the most creative person in the room and have a growing passion for graphic design. It also helps if you:

“Tell me more about this job,” you say.

What does an insurance flyer, hip eyewear social graphics, a zoo website, a sub coupon, a teeth cleaning chart, a caffeinated water product logo, and a TDR billboard have in common? They were all created by the graphic design team at TDR. The point is - we promise you’ll always have a wide variety of clients and abundance of media types to work on. When you join our team, we’ll have you strategizing, drawing, learning, and designing faster than you can say “Adobe.”

Where will this take me?

We love our crew and want our employees to stick with us long term, which is why we take growth and professional development very seriously. We don’t expect you to know everything when you accept this role (in reality, there’s always room for improvement and growth), but we promise we’ll help you forge your path in the graphic design field. As an organization, our rapid growth has been pretty astounding, and our sights are set on something even bigger. As we grow, so will you.

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