Our work is many things: creative, results-oriented, award-winning, thought-provoking, timely. We take extraordinary pride in what we do — we live and breathe digital marketing. We are constantly innovating, staying ahead of the game, and anticipating the next big trend. Our work will be the catalyst to take you exactly where you want to be.


If we build it, they will come (and stay!). Your website is how you present your organization to the world and you’ve only got one shot to make a good first impression. The average user forms an opinion about a website in under 50 milliseconds (for those keeping track at home, that’s .05 seconds). Bottom line: a site’s visual design — its structure, imagery, color, fonts, symmetry — is important. Our developers will bring your vision to life in a responsive design that not only looks great, but that furthers your organization’s mission and helps you achieve your goals. We’re “big picture” people. Beyond that, we’ll optimize your site for SEO because a beautiful site means nothing if it can’t be found.

website design / development / API integrations / user experience / user interface / content creation / software integrations / wordpress / custom software development / responsive design / CMS expertise / quality assurance / usability testing / front-end development / back-end development / hosting and server management / landing page development



You wouldn’t dive into a complicated project without first doing a little research and creating a plan of attack, would you? Unless you are some sort of savant (or maybe just misguided), the answer is probably no. Well, neither would we. Before we charge ahead with your organization’s goals in mind, we do our homework. We do our research. We take time to truly understand not only your organization, but its competitors in the industry. We believe we need to become well-versed in your company if we intend to deliver on the caliber of work we’ve come to expect from ourselves. After we do our research and diagnostic, it’s go time — when it comes to digital marketing, we are thought leaders, we are innovators, and we will do everything in our power to solve whatever problem you throw at us.

Branding / messaging strategy / product naming / research / software consulting / strategy testing / new product optimization research / thought leadership / media relations / crisis communication / community relations / trend analysis / market landscaping / opportunity mapping / market segmentation / customer acquisition / customer retention / process improvement / business technology / competitive strategy / gap analysis



Not to brag, but our creative team has accumulated a fairly impressive collection of awards over the years. Whether it’s creating captivating web design, dreaming up a new logo, or employing compelling copywriting for your new site or brochure, we work with you to formulate a strong brand identity and voice for your organization. We pride ourselves on maintaining a unique artistic outlook and our favorite clients are the ones that want to disrupt the status quo. We are envelope-pushers, pot-stirrers, and trailblazers, but perhaps most importantly, we are active listeners. We take the time to understand our clients’ creative needs because the end result is something we should both be proud of.

ideation / design / copywriting / art direction / naming / brand identity / packaging / logo design / graphic design / advertising / collateral design / video / trade show displays / swag / signage / drone videography



Social media is a finicky beast and if you’ve been relegating your social strategy to your intern or that new girl who looks young enough to Snapchat, you’re doing yourself a disservice. Social media presents a too often untapped opportunity to grow and engage your consumer base, fostering a community of brand advocates. Beyond that, when you play your cards right, social media can drive eager prospects to your website and - ta-da! — that’s where the conversion magic happens. The reality is social is often half-baked or deprioritized because companies are ill-equipped to create and implement successful strategy. That’s where we come in. Instead of trying to keep up with the constant barrage of platform updates and best practices, we invite you to focus on what you do best and let us work our social media magic. From content creation to contest development to community and reputation management, we know social like the back of our hand.

social media strategy / editorial calendar creation / promotions / social media monitoring / community management / reputation management / analytics and reporting / social management / campaign creation / contest development / content creation / graphic design



Let us count the channels through which one can advertise: television, radio, newspapers, magazines, billboards, direct mailers, brochures, sponsorships… whew! And that’s far from a comprehensive list (we haven’t even touched digital yet). The point is — there are seemingly countless ways to promote your product or service, and advertising can quickly become a money pit. You might find yourself puzzling over which channels to use, or if your ads are truly generating new leads, or whether you’re tracking ROI correctly. Never fear — we’re here to share our advertising expertise (as well as our industry connects) and design an ad strategy customized to your budget and objectives. Whether you have some advertising experience or you’ve never been involved in promoting a single thing your entire life, we got your back.

television / print / content integration / promotions / cross-platform integration / radio / trade show support / magazine / newspaper / billboards / outdoor advertising / out-of-home / strategic media plan / customized media management / coupon promotions / direct mailers



Ah, digital. We’ve saved the best for last (and that’s not just because digital is in our name). We are passionate about all things digital marketing — it’s what gets us up in the morning, it’s our bread and buttah. We’re here to tell you that the world is shifting toward everything digital and advise you to avoid the misconception that your online presence doesn’t matter. We understand that the process of overhauling your website can seem daunting and that SEO may sound like a bad dream, but with TDR leading the charge, optimizing your digital presence will feel like a walk in the park.

search engine optimization / search engine marketing / email marketing / analytics and reporting / digital display advertising / social media / pay per click / ad creation / video marketing / google analytics / OTT / conversion rate optimization / marketing automation / attribution / retargeting