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South Central Wisconsin

Group Health Cooperative of South Central Wisconsin is a non-profit, member-owned health plan providing high-quality health care services, including primary care and specialty care, to over 80,000 members living in and around Dane County, Wisconsin. The organization was founded over 40 years ago with the goal of bringing health insurance and health care together to benefit members. A cooperative spirit continues to underlie the organization’s initiatives, as evidenced by their official slogan: “Your health care. Your health plan. Better together.” Group Health Cooperative turned to The Digital Ring to create a back end portal that would process insurance renewals electronically, saving the organization significant money and time. TDR built Group Health Cooperative custom software to fit their needs, which TDR still manages and hosts.

Development: website design / development / API integrations / user experience / user interface / software integrations / custom software development / responsive design / CMS expertise / quality assurance / usability testing / front-end development / back-end development / hosting and server management

Creative: design / collateral design

Digital Ring has been nothing short of extraordinary. Their business continues to grow because of a fundamental principle, focusing on the customer. That may seem a bit simplistic, but the fact is, many organizations lose focus as they grow, focusing more on themselves than on the customers that got them there. Digital Ring is the complete opposite, they continue to be customer centric which is why we continue to utilize their services. Digital Ring is a rock star in my eyes! Keep up the great work!

Paul Perkins, Sales Manager

More than 40 years ago, Group Health Cooperative (GHC) became Dane County’s first member-owned health plan and has since established itself as a leader in the healthcare industry. The organization embodies a cooperative spirit and works to bring health insurance and healthcare together to benefit its members.

Although GHC prides itself on a forward-thinking approach to health care, the organization felt constrained by a particularly antiquated internal process. For years, GHC had distributed information regarding insurance rates and renewals to agents and employer groups in the form of unwieldy bounded manuals.

The financial investment in said manuals? Hundreds of thousands of dollars per year in printing costs.

An Innovative Solution

GHC, fully aware of the financial repercussions of their reliance on printed materials, set their sights on a more modern, digital alternative. However, an internal team questioned the feasibility of an online portal due to the numerous data ingestion points.

While meeting with Nick and Matt, who at the time worked for another agency but would soon go on to launch The Digital Ring, GHC mentioned the portal conundrum. Fast forward three months and future Digital Ring partners Nick and Matt had helped develop the same online portal that GHC had previously thought impossible.

Saving Time and Money

With their new online portal, GHC was able to streamline their processes and save hundreds of thousands of dollars, not to mention countless man-hours due to the portal’s functionalities:

  1. The portal automatically taps into GHC systems, pulling information to build renewal PDFs to be distributed electronically
  2. The portal hosts a user database management system that allows varying levels of portal access to groups, agencies, and individuals
  3. The portal also houses a secure document library, giving users the ability to view secure enrollment documents and download informational material

Since the launch of the online portal, The Digital Ring has become a trusted partner of GHC, maintaining the portal’s systems and updating the renewal PDFs at GHC’s discretion.