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Reaching the Right Audience During COVID-19

Trusted by close to 5,000 customers in over 65 countries, Mediasite is the global leader in video technology for higher education, enterprise, and healthcare. 

When COVID-19 forced the country into quarantine, corporations and educational institutions scrambled to find a video solutions provider to support online classes, training, and enterprise-level video hosting and communications. 

Mediasite needed a way to cut through the noise and reach key decision-makers at these organizations — in the right place and at the right time.

Services Provided

  • gray check Strategy
  • gray check Search Engine Marketing
  • gray check Paid Search Advertising
  • gray check Display Advertising
  • gray check Analytics and Reporting

A New Paid Digital Advertising Strategy

  • Paid Search Advertising Reaches the Right People at the Right Time

    As news broke of “stay at home” orders, we developed new paid search campaigns to reach an audience searching for the type of video technology that Mediasite provides. Working closely with the Mediasite team, we identified a new set of keywords and wrote personalized, relevant ad copy.

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  • Display Advertising Reflects Current Conditions

    We also overhauled existing display advertising campaigns, updating imagery and messaging to reflect changing working, learning, and teaching conditions.

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Quick Action Pays Off

  • Conversions increased 935% (176 vs. 17)
  • Conversion rate increased 264% (1.63% vs. .45%)
  • Cost per conversion decreased 80% ($107 vs. $534)

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