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Meet Your Stylist

Madison, WI

Meet Your Stylist improves salon client retention by matching stylists with new and/or existing clients in a way that prioritizes the stylist’s choice of client as opposed to the other way around. This empowering platform uses a custom survey to sync stylists with dream clients that are the best fit for them based on personality and lifestyle preferences. Meet Your Stylist surveys reveal important client preferences that might otherwise go unaddressed. Example questions include “How would you describe your personal style?” and “When you’re at the salon, what do you care most about?” Meet Your Stylist approached The Digital Ring to create custom software and set up API integrations that would work with existing tools to streamline data flowing in and out of the platform. TDR continues to build upon the software it created, as well as host the Meet Your Stylist site.

Development: development / API integrations / user experience / user interface / software integrations / wordpress / custom software development / responsive design / CMS expertise / quality assurance / usability testing / front-end development / back-end development / hosting and server management / landing page development