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Pres House Apartments

Madison, WI

A Home Away From Home in the Heart of the UW Campus

Pres House Apartments boasts not only a stellar location, but also a supportive community feel and a unique scholarship program. In 2017, Pres House Apartments asked us to help them develop messaging and marketing collateral to help further their mission: to serve current and prospective residents by providing a welcoming community — a “home away from home.”

Services Provided

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Furthering the Pres House Mission

To help Pres House Apartments further its mission, we took a multifaceted approach, employing both traditional and digital marketing initiatives. Our aim was to help Pres House Apartments provide the best experience possible for current residents, while also attracting new residents.

  • Web Design & Development

    We designed and built a modern, streamlined website for Pres House Apartments. We also included a page in Mandarin to improve user experience for non-native English speakers.

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  • Digital Advertising

    We launched a series of social and search ads, highlighting Pres House Apartments’ attractive offering: its prime location, scholarship programs, and inclusive community.

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  • Social Media Strategy

    We revitalized Pres House Apartments’ social media channels, creating content to inform and engage while growing their follower base.

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  • Signage & Marketing Collateral

    We created sidewalk signs, brochures, posters, and other marketing collateral for Pres House Apartments.

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  • Event Organization

    We designed promotional material for and helped coordinate a widely attended open house.

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Pres House Apartments Fulfills Service-Oriented Mission

We helped Pres House Apartments effectively broadcast its unique offerings and welcome a greater number of residents to its community. By doing so, Pres House Apartments fulfilled its mission to serve as many residents as possible.

Apartments Reach Max Capacity for 2018-19 School Year

Pres House Apartments filled to maximum capacity prior to the 2018-19 school year: a feat which hadn’t been accomplished for a number of years prior.

Apartments Approach Max Capacity for 2019-20 School Year

We continued our marketing efforts the following year, and as of spring 2019, the apartments have just seven spots left. We’ve also helped Pres House message the launch of a new scholarship program, FACETS, which fosters respect for and understanding of the diverse ways human gender and sexuality can be expressed. In just a few months, we’ve helped the program fill to over 50%.

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