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Pres House Apartments

Madison, WI

Pres House Apartments is a residential community designed for UW-Madison students and located in the heart of the university campus. Known for its prime location, as well as for fostering a strong sense of community among its residents, Pres House operates as a non-profit whose mission is to benefit the UW-Madison student body through scholarship and wellness programs. Pres House Apartments reached out to The Digital Ring during the midst of a downtown apartment boom. With an increasingly congested apartment scene and Madison apartment vacancy reaching almost 5%, Pres House looked to The Digital Ring for help in running their social, developing and implementing paid search and email marketing strategies, creating new brochures and signage, coordinating two open house events, and designing an updated website. With our help, Pres House was able to reach full occupancy by the start of the school year.

Development: website design / development / user experience / user interface / content creation / wordpress / responsive design / quality assurance / usability testing / front-end development / hosting and server management

Strategy: messaging strategy / community relations / customer acquisition / customer retention / process improvement / competitive strategy

Creative: ideation / design / copywriting / art direction / identity / brand identity / graphic design / advertising / collateral design / video / swag / signage / drone videography

Social: social media strategy / editorial calendar creation / promotions / social media monitoring / community management / reputation management / analytics and reporting / social management / campaign creation / contest development / content creation / graphic design

Advertising: print / promotions / outdoor advertising

Digital: search engine optimization / search engine marketing / email marketing / analytics and reporting / digital display advertising / social media / ad creation / video marketing / google analytics / retargeting

Pres House Apartments: A Case Study

Pres House Apartments, set in the heart of UW-Madison’s campus, boasts not only a stellar location, but also prides itself on providing a supportive community to the residents who call it home. This community atmosphere stems, in part, from the apartments’ unique scholarship programs, which bring residents together to serve the community, explore new interests and hobbies, and focus on their future. As an added bonus, the program offers participants up to $1,200 per year to ease the cost of apartment living.

Helping Pres House Fulfill a Community-Focused Mission

Pres House Apartments approached The Digital Ring with a request to develop messaging and marketing collateral that would help them further their mission: to serve residents by providing a welcoming community — a “home away from home.” TDR was tasked with showcasing Pres House’s attractive offerings — it’s prime location, scholarship programs, and inclusive community — to enhance the apartments’ ability to attract and retain residents.

TDR Takes a Multi-Pronged Approach

To help Pres House further their mission by broadcasting the apartments’ unique offering, we took a multifaceted approach, employing both traditional and digital marketing initiatives to inform and welcome potential residents, and to enhance the experience of current residents.

Digital Marketing Initiatives

  • We built Pres House Apartments a more modern and streamlined website
  • We launched multiple paid digital advertising campaigns (Google & Facebook)
  • We engaged current and prospective residents via social media and email

Traditional Marketing Initiatives

  • We promoted and helped to coordinate a successful open house
  • We designed sidewalk signs, brochures, posters, and other marketing collateral
  • We filmed a drone video highlighting Pres House Apartments’ prime location
  • We engaged in third-party advertising, promoting the apartments in UW student groups

Pres House Apartments Fulfills Mission (and Reaches Max Capacity)

As a result of our efforts, Pres House was able to more effectively broadcast their unique offerings and welcome a greater number of residents to the Pres House Apartments community. Our partnership led to the apartments reaching max capacity prior to the start of the 2018-19 school year, giving staff the opportunity to serve as many residents as possible.