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Menlo Park, CA

STRIVR is a Silicon Valley startup that utilizes immersive virtual reality to improve learning and development in some of the world’s most respected organizations, from professional sports teams to Fortune 100 companies. The platform helps individuals learn faster and more effectively, improving reaction time, pattern recognition, and decision making in the real world. After a partnership with a local, Silicon Valley-based marketing agency went south, STRIVR approached The Digital Ring to develop a new website with an impending launch date. The site not only needed to be completed on time, but had to showcase the organization’s unique platform and services in a creative, compelling way. TDR rose to the challenge and the site launch was a success. (Check out our handiwork here.)

Development: website design / development / user experience / content creation / wordpress / CMS expertise / usability testing / front-end development / hosting and server management

Creative: design / identity / graphic design / collateral design

Digital: search engine optimization / email marketing

The Digital Ring stepped in during a very critical time for our startup. They were incredibly responsive and knowledgeable on the technical needs of our project. Their ability to execute quickly was much appreciated - especially after we had wasted so much time with our initial agency.

Danny Belch, CSO

STRIVR Turns to TDR Following a Poor Agency Experience

After a partnership with a local marketing agency went south, Silicon Valley startup STRIVR needed to find somebody to develop their new website — and fast. With the target launch date looming, they turned to us for help.

In a matter of weeks, we corrected the damage caused by the first agency, switching to an optimized website platform and redesigning the look and feel of the site. Says STRIVR CSO Danny Belch: “The Digital Ring stepped in and saved this project for the STRIVR team. In almost no time, they turned around the damage caused by our first agency.”

TDR Hits STRIVR’s Deadline, Delivering a Beautifully Crafted Site

We not only hit the target launch date, but also exceeded the STRIVR team’s expectations when it came to the quality of the site and the creative way it showcased STRIVR’s unique platform and services.

Following the project, STRIVR praised our team’s responsiveness and commitment to delivering superior service. Says Belch, “We can’t say enough about the responsiveness of the team, especially under such a tight timeline. There were no delays with The Digital Ring whatsoever, and if anything went wrong, it was fixed incredibly quickly. The team’s knowledge in terms of website performance, security, integrations, and process was exactly what we had initially been looking for.”