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Madison, WI

Connecting Communities Nationwide

Founded in 1969, TDS Telecom provides over 1.2 million high-speed internet, television, and phone service connections across nearly 900 communities. One of the largest local exchange carriers in the country, TDS prides itself on facilitating connection and values diversity, inclusion, and community involvement. However, despite the company’s upward trajectory, it was experiencing a decline in orders driven by paid search. So, the team at TDS turned to our digital advertising experts for help.    

Services Provided

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  • gray check Ad Copy Writing
  • gray check Analytics and Reporting

Reversing a Paid Search Performance Decline

For roughly six months, the TDS team had experienced a decline in paid search-driven orders, and had been spending more and more time trying to resolve the issue. We set out not only to reverse the decline, but also to tie their paid and organic search efforts into a more unified strategy.

  • Paid Search Best Practices + Ongoing Optimizations

    We first implemented paid search best practices and ongoing optimizations, including the following:

    • Extensive keyword analysis
    • An account audit of all setting and bid strategies
    • Ad copy and ad extension updates
    • Strategic bid management
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  • Unifying Paid & Organic Search Efforts

    Next, we overhauled the entire reporting structure to track and analyze paid and organic search results side-by-side, as a single program.

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In-Depth Insights & Actionable Takeaways

The new paid search account and reporting structure provided insight into the paid and organic search channels’ interaction. It also led to ongoing, actionable learnings for both the paid search and SEO teams.

Driving Paid & Organic Orders

Equally as important, we saw the following as a result of our efforts:

  • Paid and organic orders collectively increased 24%
  • Cost per order decreased 22%
  • Order rate increased 21%

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