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Water Joe

Minneapolis, MN

Bringing Caffeinated Water to the Masses

Water Joe entered the scene in 1996 as the brainchild of an under-caffeinated college student. As the world’s first caffeinated water, Water Joe helps people make healthier decisions without sacrificing their daily caffeine kick. In 2015, the Water Joe team approached us to build their new website. Since then, we’ve taken on other aspects of their digital marketing and the exciting challenges that accompany it — like building brand awareness and engagement via social media.

Services Provided

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Creating a Fanbase of Water Joe Enthusiasts

To kick-start Water Joe’s social media presence — and in the process prove its popularity and staying power to would-be distributors — we created unique content designed to attract new followers and engage current ones.

  • Engaging a Diverse Audience

    We revitalized Water Joe’s social media channels by designing posts that would speak to each of Water Joe’s audiences: students, athletes, busy parents, and more.

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  • “Scroll-Stopping” Content

    Some of our content came from Water Joe fans themselves — like testimonials sharing how Water Joe facilitates healthier habits. Other popular content included posts tied to pop culture (think Avengers and the Super Bowl) and updates from our very own Water Joe-sponsored athletes.

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  • Giveaways and “Like” Campaigns

    The only thing better than a Water Joe? A free Water Joe. To encourage audience engagement — as well as to thank our followers for all the love — we regularly hosted Water Joe giveaways. And to close out 2018, we launched a campaign encouraging fans to “like” our page in order to stay updated on everything Water Joe. The result? An average of 150 new page likes per month.

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  • Focusing on Reach + Engagement

    All the while, we kept reach and engagement top of mind, encouraging likes, comments, and shares while providing careful community management.

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Water Joe’s Social Following Grows by 50%

As a result of our efforts, Water Joe’s Facebook following grew by 43% (over 1,500 new followers) over the course of a year. Its Instagram following grew by even more: 99% or almost 500 followers.

Proving Popularity & Staying Power to Distributors

Besides helping to foster a loyal fanbase, we’ve enhanced Water Joe’s social presence in order to win over retailers and distributors who view a social following as an indicator of future sales potential. In recent years, the Water Joe brand has expanded to retailers including Target, Speedway, Express Stop, and more.

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