Increasing a Consulting Firm’s Exposure Within a Niche Industry

The group at Bluetree provides strategy and support for healthcare organizations that use Epic software to manage their patients’ medical records. After conducting extensive keyword research, restructuring their ad accounts, and creating new campaigns, we helped them reach their niche audience.




Paid Media Planning & Digital Advertising




The Challenge

Backed by a team of ex-Epic, IT, and operations professionals, Bluetree offers end-to-end solutions that make a lasting impact on the customers they serve. However, Bluetree’s current marketing efforts fell short of achieving the company’s goals. More specifically, their paid search ads weren’t driving enough relevant users to the Bluetree site, and the team was having difficulty identifying keywords that would capture an audience with high conversion potential.

Extensive Keyword Research

The fact that Bluetree services such a niche audience makes the process of identifying relevant keywords all the more important. To increase awareness and conversions, we began by completing an exhaustive keyword research exercise to identify any and all words and phrases that a user might search in their hunt for Bluetree-like services.

Account Restructure & Ad Creation

After completing our keyword research exercise, we helped the Bluetree team restructure their paid search account to best organize and manage their final list of keywords. We also audited every bid, setting, and budget in the account, optimizing each element to align with Bluetree’s goals.

Then, we rewrote Bluetree’s ad copy and ad extensions based on our keyword research, as well as on additional brand and competitor analysis.


increase in

click-through rate


increase in



decrease in

cost per conversions


increase in

impression share

Just as importantly, we saw improved site metrics from ad-driven traffic:
Increase in
pages per session
Increase in
average session duration
Decrease in
bounce rate

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