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100th Website Launch

100th Website

Oops, we did it again. We designed and built yet another kickass site, which launched earlier this week. “Hey, TDR, why does this particular site merit recognition via its own blog post?” Hey, thanks for asking! This site just so happens to be our 100th website launch to date (cue confetti). Thanks to our wonderful clients, who entrust us with the creation of their digital presence, as well as our dream team of developers, designers, copywriters, and account managers, we’ve managed to birth more responsive, state-of-the-art sites than the combined age of our account coordinator team (69).

We take extraordinary pride in all of the sites we design and develop (as evidenced by enthusiastic gong-banging upon site launch), but a few in particular hold a very special place in our hearts. In honor of our 100th site, we’ve decided to revisit some of our favorites.

Ulla Eyewear: #100

Drumroll… our 100th site launch is Ulla Eyewear! Ulla partnered with TDR in 2017 when owner Brittany entrusted all marketing operations to the TDR crew. Since then, we’ve helped Ulla increase sales, add to its mailing list, and grow its social following. (Those ADDYs we won for our Ulla work were pretty neat too.)

About Ulla: Ulla (ooo-la) is a locally owned, high-end eyewear store at Hilldale Shopping Center in Madison, founded by Ulla Graber in 1998. Since then, Ulla’s stepdaughter Brittany has taken over operations and continues to fit Madisonians with eyewear that mirrors our little city’s fun, playful attitude.
Site Date of Birth: May 2018
Site Vibe: Clean, graphic, stylish, timeless
Site Challenge: Choosing our favorite butterfly to perch on the glasses on the homepage (we went with a monarch)
Fav Site Feature: The way the frame images neatly swap out when browsing each brand

Milio’s Sandwiches: #92

Another favorite site was a long time coming. Milio’s Sandwiches was one of our first clients, joining the TDR fam in 2015. Since that fateful first encounter, TDR has taken over all aspects of Milio’s marketing. Last year, they asked us to build them a new site and we happily obliged.

About Milio’s: Milio’s is a sandwich shop serving gourmet sandwiches on award-winning bread. Founded in 1989, this Madison-based company has grown from one shop in the heart of UW’s campus to over 35 restaurants across the Midwest.
Site Date of Birth: March 2018
Site Vibe: Colorful, welcoming, dynamic, delicious
Site Challenge: Stopping ourselves from drooling over the images of the delectable sandwiches (#italianclub)
Fav Site Feature: The online ordering feature

Water Joe: #67

What fuels the TDR crew? A potent combination of Water Joe and coffee. A few years back, Water Joe approached TDR and asked that we build a website that would allow them to scale up their brand. We agreed, with one caveat: free Water Joe for life.

About Water Joe: Water Joe is a caffeinated water that tastes like… water! A no-frills product for people looking for a healthy beverage with a kick of caffeine, Water Joe is the perfect alternative to coffee, soda, and energy drinks.
Site Date of Birth: November 2015
Site Vibe: Edgy, cool, daring, modern
Site Challenge: Feeling bad for cheating on coffee with all the Water Joe we drank during site dev
Fav Site Feature: The “Ideas & Recipes” page (Water Joe + your morning smoothie = healthy, caffeinated magic.)

The Digital Ring: #85

Needless to say, we think our own site is pretty cool.

About TDR: We are a full service digital marketing agency with a knack for things like web development, email marketing, social media management, and digital advertising (but that’s not all we do – check out a full list of our services here).
Site Date of Birth: March 2018
Site Vibe: Irreverent, engaging, innovative, bold
Site Challenge: Getting our rowdy crew to sit still for a family-style photo
Fav Site Feature: The Cribs video and Career page video – they really show off our culture!

Click here to check out the other brands that we’re thrilled to call our clients. If you’re interested in partnering with us (word on the street is that we’ve built a website or two), we’d love to get in touch.      

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