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2017 ADDY Awards

Addy Awards

For the second year in a row, the benevolent ADDY Award gods smiled down at the TDR crew. Just weeks before our 3rd birthday, we learned that the American Advertising Federation (AAF) had awarded us fifteen local “ADDYs” at the 2017 ADDY Awards. Even more exciting? The fact that we received one of only three “Judge’s Choice” awards.

Remind me – why is receiving an ADDY a big deal?

An ADDY award recognizes achievements within the advertising world. Contestants submit their best work – websites, ad campaigns, newsletters, you name it. Then, a panel of judges evaluates the submissions, rewarding the most creative, most excellent work. The ADDYs provide the perfect opportunity for industry professionals to pause (something most of us aren’t wired to do) and take a moment to celebrate our creative accomplishments as well as those of our peers.

Local ADDY competitions attract an astounding number of entries each year: over 40,000. (You can understand why we’re so jazzed by our wins.) Entries compete across 7 categories with the winners advancing to a regional and national competitions.


We’re not going to pretend that you want details on all fifteen awards we received, but we will share a few of our personal favorites. Check ‘em out:

  1. Nicolet Water Logo & Bottle (check out their product here) – Gold ADDY, Silver ADDY
  2. Signia VP website – Silver ADDY
  3. VersoCore website and logo – Silver ADDY, Gold ADDY
  4. Cards Against Business – Judge’s Choice, Gold ADDY, Silver ADDY

Because we’re so jazzed about our Judge’s Choice win, we thought we’d share a preview of this little game we created. Familiar with Apples to Apples or its racier counterpart Cards Against Humanity? These games inspired “Cards Against Business”: a card game that anybody who has worked in an office will find equal parts relatable and hysterical. The game involves matching prompt cards (“P”) with answer cards (“A”). For example:

P: “All of our business problems could be solved by…”     A: “dongles”

P: “Accidentally CC’ing the entire office”     A: “#adulting”

P: “___: the only reason I went into work today”     A: “catered lunch”

P: “One of my core competencies is…”     A: “making it look like I’m busy”

Note: A certain crowd might find Cards Against Business slightly offensive, hence the game’s disclaimer: “While this game is f*cking hilarious, it may not be suitable for all office environments. Play with caution.”

So, to say we’re incredibly proud of the TDR crew and its accomplishments would be a vast understatement. Huge props to the crew for sharing their talents, as well as our clients for giving us the freedom to create innovative and beautiful work.

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