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2019 ADDY Awards

Addy Awards

What a way to kick off our fourth year in business! Two weekends ago, we attended the American Advertising Awards and learned we had won eight ADDYs! As always, we’re grateful for the recognition and all the more motivated to continue innovating and creating for our clients.

Remind me… what’s an ADDY?

An “ADDY” award recognizes achievements within the advertising world. To compete for an ADDY, contestants submit their best work — websites, ad campaigns, print materials, signage, you name it — to be evaluated by judges, who then reward the most creative and beautifully executed projects.

We love the ADDY Awards, and not just because they give us an excuse to get rowdy on a Saturday night. We operate at lightning speed, and the ADDYs provide the perfect opportunity to pause, reflect on the previous year’s work, and celebrate both our accomplishments and those of our peers.

Drumroll… TDR’s ADDY Wins

Henry Vilas Zoo

First on our list of ADDY wins: the Henry Vilas Zoo website. Last year, we designed and built this fun, vibrant site that captures the welcoming, community-focused spirit of the zoo while providing educational tools and resources to visitors of all ages. No doubt one of our favorite website builds of 2018, this project gave us the opportunity to flex our creative muscles and have a “roaring” good time in the process. Check out the final product here.

  • Consumer Website (Gold ADDY)
  • Website Interface & Navigation (Silver ADDY)
  • Website Responsive Design (Silver ADDY)
henry vilas zoo web portfolio

Milio’s Sandwiches

Another favorite project of 2018? Creating a new website for longtime partner Milio’s Sandwiches. This big, bold, DELICIOUS site puts Milio’s delectable sandwiches front and center. Click here to check it out — and place an order while you’re at it (you won’t be sorry).

  • Consumer Website (Silver ADDY)
milios web portfolio

The Digital Ring

The ADDY judges must have liked our new TDR site because it took home not one, not two, but three awards. We also won a fourth ADDY for new TDR marketing materials.

  • Advertising Industry Self-Promotion (Silver ADDY)
  • Website Interface & Navigation (Silver ADDY)
  • Website Copywriting (Silver ADDY)
  • Sales/Marketing Collateral Material (Silver ADDY)
the digital ring web portfolio
the digital ring letterhead

To say we’re thrilled with our ADDY victories would be a vast understatement. Major props to the TDR crew for its hard work, dedication, and talent, as well as to our clients — thank you for continuing to place your trust in us and for giving us the opportunity to create bold, beautiful work.

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