This is not a place for reposted articles about the newest Facebook algorithm or coolest WordPress widget. Our blog reflects our culture: unique, interesting, and totally our own. Here, you'll get a sense of who we are as we share a little bit about our history, our successes, and our best practical jokes to date.

100th Website Launch

May 11, 2018  |   Caitlin Reiff

Oops, we did it again. We designed and built yet another kickass site, which launched earlier this week. “Hey, TDR, why does this particular site merit recognition via its own blog post?” Hey, thanks for asking! This site just so happens to be our 100th website launch to date (cue confetti). Thanks to our wonderful […]

We Do Improv Now

May 3, 2018  |   Caitlin Reiff

As if we need another excuse to let our freak flags fly, a few weeks ago, our newly appointed “events and activities” committee (aka #partyppl) orchestrated a Friday afternoon visit from the one and only Understudies Improv Company: UW’s improv comedy group. These hilarious individuals not only perform on and off campus, but, lucky for […]

Memorial High and Personal Branding

April 17, 2018  |   Caitlin Reiff

Question of the day: would you rather present in front of a high-stakes client or a group of high schoolers? We’re willing to bet more than a few adults would opt for the client presentation. (Those status quo-disrupting, social activism-touting, global perspective-wielding, Snapchat-snapping Gen Z’ers are scary. We get it.) But, if the kids at […]