A Reimagined Identity For A Meaningful Mission

Founded by the family of Aldo Leopold, a visionary in conservation, the Aldo Leopold Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to nurturing an ethical relationship between people and their natural surroundings. This foundation, still actively involving Leopold’s family, emphasizes environmental education, land stewardship, and a sustainable land ethic, as envisioned by Leopold himself. Through its diverse programs, workshops, and community engagement, the foundation strives to uphold and advance Aldo Leopold’s enduring legacy of conservation and environmental awareness.

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Image of the updated Aldo Leopold Website.

The Challenge

In rebranding and redesigning their website, the Aldo Leopold Foundation embarked on a journey to craft a brand identity that resonates globally, blending their historical roots with modern relevance and a vision for the future. They wanted this identity to be easily understood by a variety of audiences old and new. Naturally, the Foundation wanted a website that was up to date, both visually and from a content standpoint, that mirrored this refined brand ethos. The challenge was to design a stunning digital space that was both succinct and rich in information, effectively conveying the foundation’s core values and initiatives in a user-friendly format.

“I felt your team worked really hard to figure us out, and likewise present us appropriately to our target audiences. That role is so critical in a project like this and a big part of what we were looking for in an outside contractor. Your team anticipated and saw gaps in our story and helped us fill those.” – Aldo Leopold Foundation

A collection of Images that show the updated ALF branding.

Aligning Vision With Visuals

One of the first steps in reinventing the Aldo Leopold Foundation’s brand was assembling a new color palette. We introduced earthy hues designed to complement and enhance the existing gold color that was their time-tested signature, resulting in a palette that reflects the foundation’s deep connection with the natural world. To honor the Foundation’s storied history, we artfully blended old and new elements, incorporating scrapbook motifs like torn paper, vintage photographs, journal entries, and botanical imagery. This approach visually narrates their legacy, which is an integral part of their brand recognition — something they were hoping to improve. Given this challenge in brand recognition, we also crafted a new tagline: Where Ethics Meet Earth. This phrase succinctly encapsulates the Aldo Leopold Foundation’s mission, clarifying their role and impact in the environmental conservation sphere.

“Design brought a great sensibility to our design and we ended up with a website that is visually rich yet simple and earthy. Video shot some great video and images, really representing the foundation's desired image, with an admittedly limited opportunity since we had few previous video assets to share.” – Aldo Leopold Foundation

Image of the updated Aldo Leopold branding.

Digital Strategy Meets Conservation Goals

In our journey to modernize the Aldo Leopold Foundation’s digital presence, the name of the game was clarity. Our first order of business was to declutter the website, reducing it from over 100 pages to 30, alleviating visitor confusion and enhancing navigation. But we didn’t stop at organizing old information. We also developed new blog content, centralizing essential information and FAQs for easier access. At the center of our content and organization efforts was SEO. Whether we were drafting new copy, consolidating redundant pages, or deleting outdated information, it was always to achieve maximum SEO value while ensuring the site’s content was both easily digestible and informative.

“I appreciated Copy’s desire to figure out the essence of our message and put it into words our audiences can grasp and appreciate.” – Aldo Leopold Foundation

Image of the updated Aldo Leopold branding.

Making Marketplace Magic With Shopyflow

Aside from the main website and the brand itself, our revamp of the Aldo Leopold Foundation’s online presence included a complete overhaul of their online store. Integrating the store with the new website was a critical aspect of this project, and for this, we employed Shopyflow to integrate Shopify with Webflow. This integration not only streamlined the user experience but also blended the store with the overall aesthetic and functionality of the new site. Working with Shopyflow enabled us to create a seamless, user-friendly shopping experience that aligns with the foundation’s refreshed digital identity.

Image of the updated Aldo Leopold branding.