Attracting Attention For A Noble Nonprofit

The Aldo Leopold Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering an ethical relationship between people and the land they inhabit. Inspired by the pioneering conservationist Aldo Leopold, the foundation focuses on environmental education, land stewardship, and advocating for a land ethic that emphasizes sustainable interaction with our natural world. Through various programs, workshops, and community outreach efforts, the foundation seeks to continue Leopold’s legacy of conservation and ecological awareness.

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Image of Leopold Center.

The Challenge

In our digital age, the idea of foot traffic is usually a secondary one — but not for the Aldo Leopold Foundation. They wanted to use their paid media campaign to increase in-person visitors to their Baraboo, WI property; But the importance of digital traffic was not lost on them. ALF also wanted to reach more people through their newsletter, which would require more signups.

Image of The Shack, at the conservation.

Online Views Translating To Real-life Visitors

Often, people visit an organization’s website before deciding to make the trip in person. To assess how our digital campaigns influenced in-person visits, we analyzed the change in the number of views of ALF’s “Tours” webpage, comparing 2023’s figures with those from 2022. Overall, page views increased by 130.10% year over year. Through October, the page views increased from 11,749 in 2022 to 27,035 in 2023 thanks to our digital campaigns. Of the 27,035 page visits in 2023, 16,609 of them were generated by digital campaigns, accounting for 61.44% of the total traffic going to those pages.

Image of the Shack, at the conservation.

A Successful Signup Campaign

In 2022, the Aldo Leopold Foundation saw a cost per newsletter signup of $4.27. In 2023, thanks to our digital campaigns, we were able to slash that cost nearly in half, bringing it down to $2.65 per signup. Additionally, our campaigns helped generate 1,914 newsletter signups over 2 years, speaking to the diverse power of a strategic digital campaign.

Image of the Shack, at the conservation.

Image of the Shack, at the conservation.