A New Website for an Insurance Industry Veteran

American Advantage Lindow stands as a beacon of reliability in the insurance industry, having dedicated over twenty years to serving families across Wisconsin. This agency prides itself on delivering not just competitive insurance solutions but also a level of service that speaks of personal relationships with its clients. At the heart of American Advantage Lindow's philosophy is a commitment to understanding and meeting the unique needs of each family, ensuring they are not just covered, but truly cared for.

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A laptop featuring a mockup of the Lindow homepage.

The Challenge

As American Advantage Lindow embarked on their website project, they recognized a pressing need: An attractive and modern website that met the informational expectations of today's digitally savvy consumers, while also encapsulating their wealth of services in language that was engaging and compliant with the stringent standards of the insurance sector. Additionally, the imperative to enhance their website's SEO value stood at the forefront of their strategy, aiming to improve visibility, drive organic traffic, and effectively reach and serve more families across Wisconsin.

A collage of various elements from the Lindow website

Words of Wisdom: Refining Insurance Jargon

To address American Advantage Lindow's challenges head-on, the initial steps of our solution involved a comprehensive analysis of the insurance industry's linguistic landscape. By meticulously studying the language and terminology frequently used by competitors, we ensured that Lindow's content not only held its ground in a competitive space but also adhered to best practices, striking the perfect balance between being informative and compliant. Furthermore, we significantly expanded the information available on each type of coverage offered by Lindow. This strategic enhancement aimed to demystify insurance options for clients, providing them with a thorough understanding of the benefits and protections available to them.

A laptop featuring a mockup of a Lindow webpage.

Fueling the SEO Fire With FAQs and Fresh Blogs

To tackle American Advantage Lindow's objective of enhancing their SEO rankings, our strategy included the introduction of a comprehensive FAQs page for each type of insurance, alongside the migration of existing blog posts onto their platform. This move was designed not only to enrich the website with keyword-rich content but also to serve as a valuable resource for current and prospective clients seeking insights into insurance policies and practices. Never ones to stop at “good enough”, we committed to an ongoing effort of publishing fresh, relevant blog content regularly to build on the initial SEO momentum we built. This continuous stream of new material aimed to keep the website active and engaging, ensuring that Lindow's digital presence remained at the forefront of industry trends and search results pages, further establishing their authority in the insurance space.

A laptop featuring a mockup of a Lindow webpage.

Brightening Up the User Experience

To invigorate the user experience on American Advantage Lindow's website, our design overhaul focused on infusing the previously monochromatic site with a palette of carefully selected colors, creating some much-needed contrast between light and dark. This introduction of color not only brought life and energy to the site but also facilitated a more intuitive navigation experience for users. Complementing this visual enhancement, we balanced variety and consistency when it came to font sizes and styles, moving away from the uniform small text and outdated fonts that previously dominated the site. This strategic variation in typography not only improved readability but also helped to hierarchically organize information, making it easier for users to identify key sections and navigate through the content with ease. These design choices were pivotal in transforming the website into a more engaging, visually appealing, and user-friendly platform.

A laptop featuring a mockup of a Lindow webpage.

New Tools for a Better Experience

Building on our efforts to enhance American Advantage Lindow's website, we've introduced a new feature that simplifies the insurance qualification process. By embedding forms directly into the site and using a tool called Xilo, we're able to automatically sort prospects into categories like commercial or personal lines, and then directly upload their information into Lindow's agency software. This update is expected to cut down the time it takes to qualify a customer by 90%, streamlining operations and improving the overall experience for both agents and clients.