A New Website For Trusted Orthodontic Providers

Associated Orthodontists provides excellent care to patients of all ages. They offer a variety of services in an effort to cultivate a unique and comfortable patient experience while upholding their commitment to serving communities across Illinois.

Associated Orthodontists
Custom Website Development

The Challenge

Associated Orthodontists wanted their new site to reflect their clientele with a sense of youthfulness. They came to us with an existing site that needed improved mobile navigation and refreshed visuals in order to cater directly to their patients, most of whom belong to younger generations.

Universal UI

When designing Associated Orthodontists’ new website, we were excited to craft a user interface and experience that was accessible to each visitor, young or old. Clear, bold fonts and the simplest of navigation bars enhance site navigability (particularly for mobile users) with quick access to pertinent information available on the homepage. This means that visitors of all ages are able to find what they need – whether they’re a young patient, or a parent handling all the fun of paperwork & payment.

Playful (Yet Practical) Design

The site certainly appeals to younger visitors with its bold, playful color scheme, adding shapes and simple animation to bring a touch of movement to the final product. Imagery features photos of smiling, young patients to further enhance the site’s playful, kid-friendly design.