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Fine Point Consulting makes life easier for startups, nonprofits, and small businesses by providing outsourced accounting and human resources solutions. We helped Fine Point’s energetic team refresh their brand identity before designing and developing an all-new website.

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Image of the Fine Point Consulting Site.

The Challenge

Fine Point Consulting has long known how to build strong client relationships — but their digital experience failed to illustrate the full range of their services, technology, and staff expertise. They wanted to modernize their existing brand elements and create a website that better speaks to their ideal clients.

Image Two of the Fine Point Consulting Site.

An Upbeat Brand Identity.

Through a series of diagnostics and assessments, we helped the Fine Point team identify both their brand strengths and opportunities to better connect with their audience. We worked together on projects from sales funnel mapping to in-depth competitor analyses, ultimately developing new visual and messaging guidelines.

An image of new branding and merchandise for fine point.

A comprehensive new website.

With a more engaging brand in place, we tackled their new website. Our team collaborated with Fine Point’s industry experts to organize existing content and design new elements that highlight the organization’s breadth of services, ever-evolving tech expertise, and down-to-earth team.

An image of new branding and merchandise for fine point.

An image of new branding and merchandise for fine point.