A Simplified, Intuitive Website For A Dedicated Nonprofit

Outdoor nonprofit My Wisconsin Woods approaches its conservation mission in a unique way. The team collaborates directly with Wisconsin property owners, equipping them with the information they need to take care of their land and manage the responsibilities of home ownership.

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Image of new website for My Wisconsin Woods.

The Challenge

Because of their dedication to preserving Wisconsin’s natural resources, My Wisconsin Woods has a vast amount of information to share While beneficial to their audience, this amount of information posed a unique challenge when it came to optimizing UX.

Image of new website for My Wisconsin Woods.

Improving Navigability And UX

Our number one goal was to streamline the navigation for users of the new site. Thanks to a simplified navigation bar, information is organized in an accessible and intuitive way. The proof is in the pudding: the site has seen a 145% increase in newsletter signups since last year. In addition to increased conversion rate, overall time spent on page is down, which indicates improved UX: visitors to the site are finding their way around faster than ever before.

Image of updated stats for My Wisconsin Woods.

A Site Thats Easy on the Eyes

Continuing to keep the user in mind, we set out to improve readability of the site’s homepage. By adding color and altering spacing, we created a visually appealing experience for visitors, complete with a condensed and cohesive color scheme.

Image of updated stats for My Wisconsin Woods.

Promoting a Mission

Performing private property visits is the cornerstone of My Wisconsin Woods’ mission. That’s why it was important to direct visitors to learn more about this service. By placing a call-to-action button in the new navigation bar, we’ve made information about this critical service more accessible to visitors. We rounded out this change by ensuring information about the program is concise, accurate, and up to date.

Image of updated stats for My Wisconsin Woods.