Elevating the Marketing Strategy of a Packaging Pioneer

Roastar helps customers create awesome, custom packaging through a simple, online process. Born to address the hurdles that small businesses face when taking their products to market, Roastar takes pride in their low minimum order quantities, stellar customer service, and resources like an experienced designer network for those without in-house artwork resources.

Creative Services
Marketing Consulting

The Challenge

Roastar needed clear brand guidelines they could apply to their evolving products and services. We worked with them to create a clear, memorable visual identity, as well as a bespoke content strategy that spanned everything from educational blog posts to engaging social media. Our partnership didn’t end there, though – we applied the guidelines we created across a wide range of marketing deliverables.

The Building Blocks of the Brand

A set of rules was critical for brand cohesion as TDR reimagined what Roastar could be. Establishing a set of colors, guiding imagery, fonts, and example layouts helped us solidify the visual language that would guide our creative executions.

A Star is Born

Navigating Roastar’s slew of product offerings called for a little help; that’s the thinking that inspired a helpful new mascot, dubbed “Sterling.” Our stellar friend would make cameos across Roastar content and collateral, dispensing tips and tricks to less-experienced customers in a quirky, playful, on-brand voice.

Cohesive Copy

TDR’s proposed content strategy was guided by a tagline that summed up Roastar’s broad services and knack for helping clients with any container-based need: “The Whole Package.” We kept all new content, from blogs to social media, maximally informative while leaning into the brand’s engaging voice. That fresh focus on guidance and resources included a five-part blog series that walked customers through the “how” and “why” of Roastar’s process.

An Easier Path to Pretty Packaging

An Online Design Tool that featured point-and-click simplicity, as well as flexible pattern and color combinations, took shape at Roastar – with plenty of help from TDR’s designers. Our creative team even took things a step further, inventing dozens of fictional brands that could show off available materials and special effects, and appear in Roastar’s free sample packs.