Helping a Website Live Up to New, Exciting Branding

We helped Roastar develop a punchy visual identity and carried their playful tone of voice through multiple content executions. The next logical step was applying their refined brand guidelines to their website, which was undergoing some restructuring.

Custom Website Development

The Challenge

Making the Roastar website as helpful and intuitive as possible meant starting from the ground up. We developed new wireframes, revamped UX elements, created custom graphics, and composed copy that rang loud, clear, and proud. Understanding the motivations and mindset of visitors shaped the new flow of the Roastar website. Mapping out a complete customer journey for each of the 4 main personas representing Roastar’s clients dictated elements like content length, link placement, iconography, and more.

A Solid Foundation

Initially building the website out as a series of Adobe XD Wireframes allowed for more iterative and flexible collaboration, with less time spent on rework. It also helped Roastar to better visualize proposed structural and organizational changes.

Keeping it Fun & Inviting

Roastar makes businesses of any size look like a big deal through stunning designs and tons of packaging features. We wanted to make sure their new website was just as impressive as the products they offered and encouraged visitors to keep reading, learning, and exploring.