Driving Double-Digit Conversion Increases for a Telecom Giant

Founded in 1969, TDS Telecom is one of the largest local exchange carriers in the country, providing over 1.2 million high-speed internet, television, and phone service connections across nearly 900 communities. By creatively reallocating this telecom giant’s paid digital advertising budget, we drove a double-digit increase in conversions on flat spend.

TDS Telecom
Paid Media Planning
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The Challenge

Despite a positive trajectory in terms of total revenue, TDS was experiencing a decline in orders driven by paid digital advertising. To revitalize their digital advertising and leverage it as a key contributor to company growth, the TDS team turned to our in-house experts for help.

Discovering Upside in Search Advertising

After taking over all of TDS’s digital advertising (paid search advertising, display advertising, and social media advertising) and conducting a holistic review of all channels and campaigns, we noticed an opportunity for a key strategic adjustment.

While paid search efforts accounted for the majority of the orders driven by digital advertising, a lack of paid search budget meant that over 50% of TDS’s prospective customers never saw a TDS ad. In other words: there was enormous room for upside . . . if we could find the budget to fund it.

Optimizing the Digital Advertising Budget

With no additional spend allocated to paid digital advertising, we had to get creative, diving into how we were spending every single ad dollar. After analysis, we found opportunity to reallocate the budget according to channel performance while still providing a full-funnel marketing strategy.

We ran a one-month budget reallocation test to qualify our findings; based on this success, we rolled out the new plan to the entire account. Our team then closely monitored all of the campaigns for ongoing optimizations, bid adjustments, further budget modifications, and creative enhancements.

Results: Double-Digit Conversion Increases

A deep dive into TDS’s various digital advertising channels and a creatively reallocated budget drove significant results for the TDS team. On flat advertising budget, we accomplished the below: