Re-energizing A First-of-its-kind Product

As the world’s first caffeinated water, Water Joe helps people make healthier decisions without sacrificing their daily caffeine kick. We helped the Water Joe team revitalize their brand with a bold new website and updated product packaging.

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Image of the Water Joe brand refresh.

The Challenge

Water Joe approached us with two branding-related requests. First, they wanted to refresh their website, making it brighter and more inviting. Then, they wanted to update their water bottle packaging to address a challenge they were facing with its appearance in stores.

Image of someone going to grab a bottle of Water Joe.

A Website That Pops

We leaned into Water Joe’s iconic color palette to design a site that seems to pop off the page: a grounding deep blue sets off an energetic punch of orange. From a functionality perspective, intuitive navigation makes it easy for customers to find what they’re looking for, and consistent messaging reinforces Water Joe’s value proposition: energize and hydrate with water + caffeine (that’s it!).

Image of the new Water Joe website.

Improved Product Packaging

Then, we focused on the product itself. While the Water Joe team liked the overall look and feel of the bottles, they felt there was too much “blank space” around the label depending on how the bottles were positioned on store shelves. While preserving the overall aesthetic, we adjusted the label design to be impactful no matter how the bottles are situated.

Image of the new Water Joe website.

Image of the new Water Joe website.