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Bold New Design, Bold New Technology

Phoenix offers neutron imaging services to suppliers in the aerospace and defense sectors. By playing an integral part in the quality assurance process, Phoenix helps its customers deliver safe, high-quality parts and components — such as airplane turbine blades — to their customers.


Phoenix Neutron Imaging


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N-Ray Technology, Neutron Imaging, and Non-Destructive Testing

A desktop computer displays the new Phoenix homepage

The Challenge

Like sister company SHINE Technologies, Phoenix wanted a new brand identity that was bold, exciting, and evocative of the advanced technology that makes their work possible. They also wanted a new website that reflected the innovative and futuristic nature of their field.

A variety of Phoenix brochures & banners featuring new branding

The Art of Subtlety? We’ll Pass.

For anyone other than nondestructive testing professionals and science aficionados, it can be tough to grasp what Phoenix does – so we made things simple with a new, straightforward tagline: Fast, Reliable Neutron Imaging. This was the first step in creating a bold new brand. Visually, we leaned into a high-contrast color scheme; a combination of deep purple and gold tones make for a punchy, unique feel. Many assets feature a gradient combination of both, giving a little more “oomph” to simple iconography.

A page from Phoenix's new website displayed next to the brand's new color palette

Symbolic Site Design

Having previously redesigned SHINE Technologies’ website, we had the idea to pay homage to Phoenix’s sister company by using a similar “glow” effect on key text. To maintain this cohesion between the two sites, we used similar thin-line iconography for Phoenix’s site to quickly convey complex ideas. To get the feel of this new website just right, we fully embraced the Dark Side . . . of the color palette (sorry, Vader). Deep indigos and violets dominate the site, mimicking the dark imagery that is actually produced through neutron imaging.

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