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A Futuristic Facelift for a Fusion-Focused Trailblazer

SHINE Technologies is a pioneering company deploying and scaling fusion technology to power the world. They’re mastering immediate fusion applications, like neutron imaging and cancer-fighting medicine, creating social and economic value while advancing their goals of recycling nuclear waste and generating on-demand, carbon-free energy.


SHINE Technologies


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Neutron Imaging, Medical Isotopes, Nuclear Waste Recycling, and Fusion Energy

A pair of smartphones display pages from SHINE's new website

The Challenge

For SHINE, dated branding and an average website weren’t going to cut it. The team wanted a reimagined brand that highlighted their unique, four-phased approach, along with a new website that showcased their achievements and future aims. They challenged us to create a brand identity and accompanying website that mirrored their high-tech, innovative spirit.

A pair of monitors displaying SHINE's old and new websites

Four Simple Words for Complex Ideas

We wanted SHINE’s new brand identity to reflect the cutting-edge nature of fusion technology, while remaining grounded in the here and now. Our team settled on four words to represent SHINE’s brand persona: visionary, realistic, accessible, and magical. These descriptors informed key brand messaging and SHINE’s visual identity.

A grid depicting the four phases of SHINE's vision

Imagery that Illuminates

One concept we carried over from SHINE’s previous branding was “illumination.” As trailblazers in the industry, the SHINE team fully intends to light the way to accessible fusion energy. Visual elements on SHINE’s new site — such as subtly glowing text — reflect the “illumination” concept. Color also plays a large role in SHINE’s new branding, with a specific hue assigned to each phase of SHINE’s unique four-phased approach. 

A collection of futuristic and scientific images featuring DNA, nuclear tech, etc.

Advanced Web Design for Advanced Technologies

We were thrilled to partner with the talented team at Deep Sky Studios to bring the site to life. The site’s homepage features a stunning interactive video, bringing the site’s futuristic theme to new heights. To complement the impact of the video, we leveraged clean, thin-lined iconography, futuristic font, and compelling imagery.

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