A Sleek, Modern Website for an Industry Leader

The manufacturing business experts at WMEP collaborate with hundreds of manufacturers each year, helping them develop and implement effective solutions that address their biggest challenges. As part of the MEP National Network, WMEP has a strong brand and a fluency in print media; where they needed our assistance was with their website.


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The Challenge

As an industry thought leader, WMEP provides an abundance of educational resources on its site. The challenge, however, lay in the sheer number of resources: How should these be organized for the best user experience possible? In addition to ensuring optimal UX, our goal was to update the website’s look and feel.

WMEP Navigation

Focusing on Navigation & UX

During this (and all!) web projects, our primary focus was on the user. What can we do to make their experience on the site that much more seamless, valuable, and enjoyable? With WMEP, we put a strong focus on site mapping and content organization to facilitate easy user navigation throughout all of the site’s valuable resources.

WMEP Stats

Clean, Modern & On-Brand

The WMEP team had been hard at work establishing a sophisticated brand identity, but it wasn’t yet reflected on the website. With the new site, we stayed true to their brand vision: clean, modern, and professional.

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